The Quiet Time with God Basket

Making Quiet Time with God a Priority

You know, I tend to make better choices throughout my day when I take the time to spend a little quiet time with God. During this time, I love to snuggle up in a cozy spot, read the Bible and often devotionals or books, and write in my journal.  I also enjoy lighting a sented candle and sipping on some relaxing hot tea. I try to focus on the moment and be truly mindful of God’s presence in this moment. Oh wow, how amazing does this sound?

Make a Quiet Time with God Basket

I love my quiet times and yet I often let the business of life get in my way. I need to make this a priority. If I notice my actions and choices are better when I take the time to do this why do I keep pushing this time aside? I have recently decided to try to do this almost every day. This is a goal I have set for myself. To help me achieve this goal, I want to make my quiet time as convinient as possible, this is why I have a quiet time basket ready to go.

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What to include in the “Quiet Time with God” Basket

I like my basket could include little gems like a my Bible, prayer journal, relaxing tea and a inspirational mug as well as a calming sented candle and a scripture coloring book. Somtimes I have the latest book or devotional I am reading in the basket too. Below I have listed some of my favorite quiet time basket products.

Making Quiet Time with God a Daily Goal

The Prayer Journal

If you have read some of my other posts, you know that I love journaling. See a post here. I use my journal to not only write out my prayers to God, but also to write down lessons I have learned or thoughts and questions I had while reading the Bible, books, or devotionals. One of my favorite things to include in my journal are any “God Moment” stories. I make sure to write down anything amazing that happens so that I don’t forget.  The My Prayer Journal: A 3 Month Guide To Prayer, Praise and Thanks: Modern Calligraphy and Lettering and the The Weekly Prayer Project: A Challenge to Journal, Pray, Reflect, and Connect with God are beautiful journals.

Inspirational Mug

Nothing Like Hot Tea in an Inspirational to Get my mind in the right place. This God Is Love Coffee Mug With Scripture – Psalm 143:8 – Graduation, Birthday, Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Anniversary, Father’s Day, Mother’s Day Gift – Black Ceramic 11 oz Custom Printed in USA or this MerchGeek The Struggle Is Real But So Is God Coffee Mug (11 oz, White) would look great in the “Quiet Time with God” gift basket.


Calming Tea

Add some calming tea like TranquilyTea Anti-stress Passion Flower Linden Pear Herbal Tea 3oz 40 cups NEW PACKAGING to the “Quiet Time with God” basket. This tea would go great witht the mug!


Scented Uplifting Scripture Candles

This uplifting scripture scented Candle – Rose Of Sharon Scripture Tin – 8oz fits in perfectly in the “Quiet Time with God” Basket or is a nice gift to give all on its own. Various scriptures and scents are available.


Biblical Inspiration Coloring Book

My final recommendation for the “Quiet Time with God” basket is the &34;The Word in Color": Hardcover Biblical Inspiration Adult Coloring Book. Coloring WHILE praying is a great way to quiet the mind and focus on the presence of God.

I hope you liked these ideas. Do you have a favorite?

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My Favorite Family Time with God Products


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19 thoughts on “The Quiet Time with God Basket”

  1. I love the idea of the basket. In fact, I think it would be a good idea to give as a gift too. I have passed it on to my friend who has similar taste to me.
    I also find that when I start my day with prayerful devotion to God, I have a much better day.
    Thanks so much for sharing such a lovely idea.

  2. Its a nice idea, if everyone is doing something like this then we will not even forget to pray, we will be a lot of times near in the presence of God.

  3. The Quiet Time with God Basket sounds like an excellent gift for the spiritual women in our lives. My mom would absolutely love it. She would especially love the adult coloring book.

  4. I don’t have a basket because I keep my Bible and devotional books on the book shelf. But I do love this idea because you can move everything to another room if needed without leaving something behind.

  5. It’s so true. If we don’t make our time with God a priority first thing in the morning, it’s easy for us to let the day’s tasks get in the way. This happens to me too – and I find that my day always go better if I put my time with Him first. I love the idea of this basket – having everything all ready to go. It’s sure to make it easier to focus first on what’s most important!

    1. I love the idea of doing the quiet time in the morning. I do mine at night, but sometimes I just feel sooo tired. HAving this time in the morning would help be get ready for the day.

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