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Lacy Ngo, MS, RD

A Registered Dietitian Who Struggled with Weight and Then Lost the Weight

Why I Write a Faith Based Nutrition Blog

I love to talk, and I love to write. Now that I stay at home with my children, I miss working in the dietetic field. And since I am always so blown away when I see God in action, AAAND since God is in everything we do, I felt I couldn’t write without God coming up in conversation. So you will read about God and nutition and fitness throughout my posts.

The Focus is on Mindfulness

Many of my post focus on Mindfulness. Mindfulness has helped me physically and spiritually live a healthier life. One mindfulness technique I use is journaling. Because I journal, I am able to go back and remember many of those “goosebumps God Moments” in my life. I include those stories on Mindfulness in Faith and Food as well.

So Who Will Benefit from Mindfulness in Faith and Food?

So whether you are looking for a little inspiring faith stories or wanting to get some nutrition tips, you have come to the right place. This site includes over 400 nutrition and weight loss tips AND many “God Moment” stories.

A Little About Me

My Professional Background

I am a registered dietitian with a masters in nutrition. My interest in nutrition started in middle school. I was an overweight teen and was often picked on for being overweight. One particular day a boy called me a “Two Ton Whale.” After being picked on enough, I finally had the motivation I needed to lose weight.

After losing the weight I became interested in nutrition and decided to major in Food Science and Human Nutrition in college. I received my Bachelors of Science in Food Science and Human Nutrition from Clemson University and did the required internship and received my masters in Human Nutrition from Winthrop University. During my internship, I worked in a large hospital, at the health department, and for a school district. Over the years, I have tried to help others through private nutrition counseling and group classes. I have been a dialysis dietitian and a nutrition instructor at Winthrop University. I have also been a nutrition columnist for our City paper and been a guest blogger on nutrition sites, and I have also taught aerobics as a certified instructor for years.

My personal struggle with weight:

After losing the weight in middle school, I managed to stay at a healthy weight all through high school, college, and after college… then I got married.

When I got married, my weight began to sneak up on me. I gained 12 pounds on my honeymoon! As a newlywed I wanted to showoff my cooking skills and cooked feasts for my husband. Although, I used lighter ingredients, the portion sizes tended to be bigger than necessary. My husband was in the Navy so we moved frequently. We were always packing and unpacking.  I never could get into a routine. Everything was packed away so we ate out often.  He would go out to sea often (a week here, four days there). Every time he would leave we would want to have a goodbye feast and every time he came back, we would have a celebration meal.

Does it sound like I am giving excuses for my weight gain? I tell my clients that we all have reasons (not excuses) for our weight gain. If we don’t understand the reasons for our weight gain, we will never find the solutions. So explaining to myself why I gained weight when I got married was essential in finding solutions.

How I Lost Weight

The reason I tell you this part of my story is because I want you to know that I understand how difficult weight loss is. After studying nutrition for seven years in school, I have the nutrition knowledge, but I also understand the struggles because I have been in the struggle too. I often jokingly say to my friends, “I didn’t lose my love for food just because I became a dietitian.” So I know how to lose weight not only from my training, but also from my own experience. I KNOW that the struggle is real.

After determining my reasons for gaining weight, I used my training as a dietitian and did my own self-assessment and diet plan. (You can do your own free diet self-assessment here)

weight loss photo

I Became My Own Client:

I was my own client. Turns out, there were solutions to every one of the barriers I encountered. For example, to combat portion sizes, I measure my food or pre-cooked and pre-portion food on Sundays. I had pre-portioned foods ready for those busy grab and go days. To come up with a solution, I went straight to my textbooks, the research, and educational background. I have always enjoyed exercise, but I did increase and change my exercise since my body has become very trained and use to exercise. I lost 40 pounds in 7 months…

Next Comes the Baby Weight

Then I gained weight again from having a baby. This brings up another point I want to make; you will always have to tweak your plan throughout your life. Our lives change. Something that use to work for us may not work now.   I had a different plan while I was working, but when I became a stay at home mom, some of the same things wouldn’t work anymore. For example, when I stayed at home, I couldn’t keep as many unhealthy snack foods in the house because it was too easy for me to munch. When I was working, snack foods in the house wasn’t one of my problems. So I re-evaluated my diet plan, made several changes to the plan, and lost the baby weight very quickly.

Mindfulness was Key

Finally, I had my second child, and again had to lose weight. Although I had been incorporating Mindful Eating all along, this time I almost exclusively focused on Mindful Eating. This was the easiest Weight Loss ever. You can read more about my Mindful Eating Weight loss here

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I have found that for many of us, our weight will fluctuate throughout our life especially every time our life changes in some way. We need to stay aware, and try to keep our weight within the healthy range. So when the weight starts creeping up, come back to the self-assessment form provided and re-evaluate your plan. Has your lifestyle changed? Do the same things not work for you anymore? Do you need to try something new? The free self-assessment I provided will show you how to analyze your own diet and customize your diet to meet your lifestyle. When making your lifestyle changes, I would recommend including Mindful Eating techniques with every plan. As a dietitian who has struggled, I understand that Mindful Eating is life changing. You can read about the Mindful Eating Techniques that I use here.

I want to hear from you. What are the causes or reasons for your weight struggles? What solutions to your weight loss barriers have worked for you?

Thanks for visiting!

Lacy Ngo, MS, RD


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