My Favorite Family Time with God Products

Here are a few of my favorite “family time with God” products.

Spend Time Spreading Kindness with your Family

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Family time with God

One of my favorite ways to spend time with family is by doing random acts of kindness for others. My childen get so into it, and get to experience how great giving feels. These Kindness Matters Cards – Box of 100 – Kindness Is Contagious Challenge Card are so sweet and full of great random acts of kindness ideas. My children and I love doing these random acts of kindness together throughout the year!


Coloring Inspirational Cards

I don’t think children know how much the gift of their art means to others. When I get a colored picture from a child, my heart melts. One of the most meaningful acts of kindness a child or even an adult can give is a colored encouragement card. This is why I love the Bundle of Christian Art Gifts Inspirational Biblical Color-In Note Cards.  Families can color cards together and deliver them to family members, friends, nursing home residents, or anyone who needs a little lift.  The opportunities to spread love with these cards are endless.

Family Time Conversation Cards

I love spending quality family time. So I enjoy anything that brings my family together. This is why I love family time with GOD products like  The Art Of Christian Conversation cards. My children received similar conversation starter cards during Vacation Bible School this year. I must confess that I looked at the cards and thought, “those are cute,” and then sat them aside for a while. One night we picked them up and randomly decided to read a few before bed. I was hooked!!!! The great conversations my 7 year old son and I were having were unbelievable. I have come to cherish these conversations. When we finished the cards, even my son was disappointed that the cards were finished. The cards not only got us talking about random everyday things, but these cards also found a way to teach us too!

Did I mention I really love doing these Conversation cards during my family time with God. So I am going to recommend a few more like The Art of Children’s Conversation cards are geared more towards children.

Although these cards are not geared towards Christian conversation like the above cards, you may find Christian topics come up when you get your children talking.

Okay last conversation start cards. These family-focused faith cards are called The Meal Box: Fun Questions and Family Tips to Get Mealtime Conversations Cookin’. Love it!


Scripture Coloring Books


My children love to color. What a great way to combine inspirational scripure and coloring with this &34;The Word in Color": Hardcover Biblical Inspiration Adult Coloring Book. You can even color with your children WHILE praying or talking about God.


How to Get Coupons and Discounts When You Shop

Lastly, I don’t want to write a products post without mentioning how to save money on many Amazon products plus products from a huge list of other stores. I always check three free apps before I buy anything.

These apps are Ibotta,, Ebates, and Swagbucks

Ibotta and

Ibotta and are very similar. I simply go to the app,  select the coupons I want to use before I shop, and then I shop. I can either shop through the app if I am shopping online, or I can shop in a store and scan my receipt after I shop to get the rebates I selected. You can also add rewards cards to your app and the rebates are used automatically when you scan your store rewards card. For example, my Food Lion Card is on the app. I pick out the coupons I want to use on the app before I shop; then when the cashier scans my card at checkout, the discounts are included.

These apps are totally free. To sign up for Ibotta, click on the link below:

Sign up from below: 


I also like to use Swagbucks. For this app you get points for shopping at certain stores. The store selection is huge. I can buy items on amazon or a birthday present for my daughter at The American Girl store and earn points. You can also earn points by answering daily questions and taking surveys through the swagbucks app. You can use the points to get gift cards!!! And these are legit great gift cards. You can get $25 gift cards to Amazon, Bath & Body Works, Walmart and so much more! It is pretty amazing. Start getting swagbucks as my referral by clicking on the link below:


The final app I use is ebates. You can buy all kinds of products and save. Again, this app gives you discounts to a huge number of popular stores like Kohl’s, “Bed, Bath, and Beyond”, and of course, Amazon. The list goes on and on. Whenever I am about to buy somehting online, I check this app along with the other three apps to see if a coupon or rebate is available. You can download this app as my referral by clicking on the Ebates button below.

Ebates Coupons and Cash Back


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The Quiet Time with God Basket

I would love to hear from you. What are your favorite ways to spend time with your family? Do you have favorite family time with God products as well?

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