Exercise Doesn’t Have to Be Boring. Check Out these Physical Activity Ideas

Try these Ideas if Exercise is Getting Boring:

  1. Run with a friend
  2. Ride a bike
  3. Dance
  4. Jump ropejump rope photo

5. Find different places to walk: visit museums, zoos, farmer’s markets, parks, malls, or in a pool.

6. Swim

7. Take an aerobics class

8. Play a sporttennis photo

9. Go for a hike

10. Jump on a trampoline

11. Mow the lawn (don’t use a riding lawn mower)

12. Golf

13. Take a karate class

14. Take a dance class: ballroom, jazz, ballet, tap, clogging, contemporary, line dancing

15. Watch you tube or music videos and try to learn the dances

16. Take kickboxing

17. Do an aerobics video

18. Yoga

19. Palate

20. Canoe

21. Kayak

22. Standing/cast fishing

23. Try fitness pole dancing

24. Take water aerobics

25. Try Zumba

zumba photo
Photo by JBLM MWR Marketing

26. In the pool, walk in deep water

27. Join and go to a gym

28. Wash your car

29. Play racquetball

30. Play basketball with friends

31. Skate

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