My Thoughts on the Elimination or Limiting Diets


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Does Avoidng Certain Food Groups Help with Weight Loss?

For the elimination or limiting diet, one or more foods or food groups are eliminated or greatly reduced from your diet. The Atkins diet would be a type of elimination diet. The Atkins diet restricts foods that the USDA 2015 Dietary Guidelines recommends. The diet is mostly protein and fat and very low in carbohydrates. A high protein diet like the Atkins diet can also help reduce your appetite.

Other examples of the elimination diet are:

South Beach diet: On the South Beach diet, you would eliminate certain foods like all sugars, processed carbohydrates, fruits, and starchy vegetables; then the foods are re-introduced gradually.

Hallelujah diet: This diet prohibits animal, dairy, sugar, and flour as well as Seasonings, alcohol, caffeine, tea, soft drinks, and sports drinks. To help you with the diet, they provide you with menu plans and recipes. The diet consists of mostly raw foods and is very low in calories, possibly too low.

Sugar Busters: Eliminates sugars from your diet.

Most people will lose weight if they can follow these diets because like most diets, on these diets you will eat fewer calories. Eating fewer calories is always the major key. These types of diets often claim certain foods help you lose weight. Diets also sometimes make other claims about why that particular diet works; however, in my professional opinion, usually there is not scientific evidence to back up the claims and again the key is limiting calories. One of the difficulties of the elimination is that they can be hard to stick with long term because people will find it hard to take out some of their favorite foods. These diets can be very restricted. Also, when on the elimination diet, you are often limiting the nutrients your body needs; therefore, the diet would not be healthy for your body long term. In other words, these diets don’t encourage healthy eating, should not be long term, and can sometimes cause the “yo-yo dieting” effect, which is gaining and losing weight over and over again. The elimination diets may be hard to follow if you cook for others or when you go out to eat or at parties. These types of diets can often be boring and inconvenient.

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