Weight Loss Tips for Parties and Social Gatherings

How To Stick with Your Healthy Lifestyle Goals Even at Social Gatherings

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  1. Drink a glass of water before you leave your house; then drink a glass of water before taking your first bite of food. You could use a water bottle that helps you keep track of your water intake like 30oz Inspirational Water Bottle With Time Marker and Measurements (Think Positive Aqua)
  2. Instead of stressing about calories, focus on slowing down and enjoying your food. Make sure you put your fork down, slowly chew your food, and finally  take a sip of your drink before picking up your fork to prepare your next bite.
  3. Eat a healthy snack before you go to a party so that you are not starving when you get to there.
  4. Don’t try everything at the party. Select small samples of the best at the table. Look at everything and rate the food before deciding what to get. If food isn’t a 10 then pass.buffet photo
  5. When people are bringing food, bring your own healthy food option for everyone to enjoy, and eat only your healthy food.
  6. If the party is at your house, prepare only delicious healthy foods by using lower fat versions for ingredients or using a healthy cookbook.
  7. Volunteer to help so that you can do something else besides eating (Ex: blow up balloons)
  8. Practice saying, “No thank you.” before hand.
  9. Don’t stand near the food.
  10. Pay attention to other joys around you, such as family and friends and the decor or environment.
  11. Keep your hands busy by holding and sipping on a glass of water; sometimes we eat at parties just to be doing something or we feel like we want something in our hands.water photo
  12. Limit the alcohol; again hold a glass of water, diet soda, or diet lemonade.
  13. Eat slowly from a plate. That way you won’t run out of food on your plate and go back for seconds. Just very slowly nibble food from your plate while you enjoy the party.
  14. Sometimes you will eat more at a social gathering. Often times the problem is not how much we ate at the party, but more that we give up and overindulge as soon as we have eaten just a little bit more than usual. Sometimes we have an all or nothing approach. If a social gathering throws a kink into your routine, don’t just throw in the towel. Instead, focus on mindfully eating and enjoying your food slowly. You can be proud that you ate healthier than usual at a party even if you eat more than you usually do on a daily basis. For more information about mindful eating click here.

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