3 Social Media Random Acts of Kindness Ideas

Updated on November 13, 2017

You can Show Random Acts of Kindness on Social Media Too

I love Random Acts of Kindness. My family did a year of Random Acts of Kindness once, but that is a post for another day. Since, I have been a blogger, I have noticed that Random Acts of Kindness can extend to Social Media as well. Sooo here are 3 Social Media Random Acts of Kindness Ideas.

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  1. Spread Compliments on Social Media

If a positive thought pops in your head about the post or picture you see as you scroll through your Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram feeds, share it with the person! If we keep the compliment to ourself, we will miss a chance to lift someones spirits.heart photo


2. Write a Positive Review

If you love a store, restaurant, or business, go to one of their social media pages and leave a nice review or comment. Make sure to mention by name any employees who were particularly helpful. This will not only put a smile on the employees face, but could also potentially improve their chances of getting a raise or promotion.

3. Uplift a Blogger

I never realized how much heart, sweat, and soul a blogger puts into a post. I just never thought about all the work that goes into a post. Now that I know, I try to comment and show my support for any blog post I find helpful.  Sometimes, when I am in between books or devotionals, I use Christian blog post as a way to do little” devotionals.” I simply read and take notes on Christian blog posts. When I do this, I try to leave a comment to let the blogger know their post was used in this way. In fact, when I use a tool or product a blogger recommended or I follow a bloggers “how- to” steps, I try to let them know in the comments as well. Sometimes just this little comment of encouragement, is just what a blogger needs to stay motivated.

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