How to Reduce Calories in the Foods You Already Eat

Can I Eat Fewer Calories and Still Eat the Foods I Love? Check out these tips for lowerig the calories in your favorite foods.

  1. Try low free yogurt as a dip for fruits and veggies and a topper for baked potatoes.
  2. Use healthy cookbooks that include the calories per serving or when cooking using a recipe, half the recipe so you and your family will have less available to eat. Your whole family can get healthier.
  3. Use a pressure cooker to cook flavorful meals with little to no fat.
  4. Saute 1/4 cup of wine or defatted broth instead of butter or oil. Your meals will have a great flavor without using butter.
  5. Eat fruit for desert instead of cake, cookies or pies.
  6. Instead of frying foods, cook foods by roasting, steaming, poaching, baking, braising, broiling, grilling, or BBQing.
  7. Make stir-fry with lots of veggies. Heat a pan to high heat. Add no more than 1 tsp oil or use vegetable spray or defatted broth. Add thinly sliced meat. Have more vegetables than meat.

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  1. Always remove skin from chicken or turkey.
  2. Instead of frying eggs, poach, broil, or scramble eggs (or 2 egg whites) in vegetable cooking spray.
  3. Choose white meat instead of dark meat.
  4. Always drain off fat after cooking. Blot food with a paper towel before eating. For ground beef, drain meat in a colander after cooking.
  5. Flavor meats with low fat flavorings like low fat versions of BBQ, “Tabasco”, catsup, lemon juice, or Worcestershire.
  6. Use an ingredient below for flavoring potatoes, chicken, and vegetables:

Nonfat sour cream

Defatted broth

Low fat margarine



Herbs, garlic


Lemon juice

  1. Use the ingredients below for flavoring bread or sandwiches:

Low fat mayo

Reduced fat cream cheese

All fruit jams: no added sugar

Garlic and herbs

  1. Use the Ingredient below to add flavor pancakes:

Light syrup

Unsweetened applesauce

Crushed berries and Splenda



Low fat margarine/spray

All fruit jams: no added sugar

  1. Use the ingredients below to add flavor salads.

Light salad dressing

Lemon juice


  1. Use the Ingredients below to add flavor to pasta or rice

Spaghetti sauce

food photo

Chopped vegetables

Herbs, garlic

White sauce made with skim milk

  1. If you have a cheat day, only eat fried foods on your cheat day.
  2. Use a vegetable bean dip such as hummus instead of ranch dressing or other high calorie dips.
  3. Microwave, steam or boil vegetables in a small amount of water or stir fry vegetables in cooking spray.
  4. Limit or even better, eliminate condiments.
  5. Cook foods and prepare recipes using the lowest calorie version of all foods. An example would be light mayo.
  6. Use less cheese or no cheese, when recipes call for cheese.
  7. Using mustard instead of mayo on sandwiches or in tuna and chicken salad can save over 100 calories.
  8. Add more vegetables to recipes; then the same amount of food will have fewer calories per serving. For example, one cup of mac-n-cheese without vegetables will be more calories than 1 cup of mac-n-cheese with vegetables, or 1 cup of noodle soup with added vegetables is going to have fewer calories than a cup of noodle soup without vegetables.
  9. Eat fruits and vegetables at every meal. Even better, fill half your plate with a fruit or vegetable. You will decrease calories by merely replacing half your plate with vegetables and leaving half your plate for your normal recipes.
  10. Always eat the whole-wheat version of rice, pasta, or bread in your recipes.

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