How to Lose Weight with Meal Replacement Diets

How to Lose Weight with Pre-packaged, Pre-planned Meals or Meal Replacement Diets

 If you decide this diet works best for you, you would choose meal replacements to replace usually two meals in your day. For the third meal you will eat one serving of a regular meal of your choice. I would recommend putting the third meal on a small breakfast plate. (Eating on a smaller plate is a trick from Portion Control Tips)   Some meal replacements recommend eating fruit two times a day for a small snack. One of the benefits of this plan is that the plan helps prevent you from failing. Some of these diets are healthier than others. The plans that have more variety and nutrient dense foods will be the better plan. If you eat the same thing everyday, it takes out the guesswork and often prevents overeating. However, some find the meal replacement diet hard to follow if they cook for others or when they go out to eat or eat at parties. Also, this diet could be hard to maintain long term due to boredom and rigidness of some of these diets. Most people will not stick with pre-packaged foods forever; therefore, when the dieter goes back to making and portioning their own foods, the dieter begins to gain weight. A trick that can help with that is to plate frozen meals to see what a smaller portion looks like on your plate. So that you can put the same amount on your plate after you stop eating frozen meals.

weight loss photoThe Meal Replacement diet may be one of the most popular kinds of diets. Many meal replacement diets are available. Examples of meal replacement or pre-packaged meals include:

  • The ” Subway Diet”: On this diet you choose the one of the low fat sandwiches and do not add mayo or oil and vinegar.
  • “Slimfast” bars and shakes: For this diet the dieter often eats bars or shakes for breakfast or lunch and then eats a healthy dinner.
  • “Cereal Diet”: For this diet, a dieter eats a bowl of whole wheat cereal with skim milk for breakfast or lunch
  • Frozen Dinners diet: “Lean Cuisines”, “Healthy Choice”, “Smart Ones” or other lean frozen dinners are eaten for at least two of the three meals.
  • “Kellogg’s Special K Challenge” also has a meal replacement plan. You can find details on the Kellogg’s website, They also have meal plans that you can follow.
  • “Cookie Diet”: The cookie diet replaces all meals except dinner with a high fiber, high protein cookie.
  • Jenny Craig and Nutrisystem: For these diets, the pre-portioned foods are sent to your house.

If you would like to see if this weight loss technique or other weight loss techniques might work for you, fill out the Diet Self-assessment Form.

Have you successfully lost weight by using meal replacements or pre-planned meals?

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