God Moments: Choosing the Same Picture!

God Moments: When God Shows Up!

I believe that God is not a silent God. God wants to have a real relationship with us, and God wants to be a part of our lives. And I believe you don’t have to say the perfect prayer for God to show up. God doesn’t have to be manipulated to be in our lives because God wants to be in our lives! This seems to be true in my life. Often God seems to show up when I am actively praying, searching, and pursuing a relationship with God, but sometimes God has “shown up” when I didn’t even deserve it. I call these moments when we clearly see God in our lives “God Moments.”

God is compassionate. God loves us and doesn’t have to be convinced to do something for us. Sometimes all we need to do is ask, be patient, and mindfully watch. Get ready because God will show up!

A Sunday Morning God Moment

This is post two of the “God Moment” series. This “God moment” takes place on a busy Sunday morning. Our church service was starting soon, and we were close to being late. My husband, who is in the church band, was already at church. As we rushed into the lobby, I noticed a large table filled with pictures of adorable children from all over the world. I made a mental note to check out the table after the service.

After church, I went to the table and learned that the children in the pictures were children in need of financial help. Church members could choose to provide monthly financial help by sponsoring a child. Once you signed up to sponsor a child, you would send the child’s family much needed money as well as notes and letters of encouragement. I was immediately drawn to a little boy named Matt from another country.

We Chose the Same Picture!

I wanted to sponsor Matt, but knew I needed to see if my husband would want to sponsor him as well. Perhaps my husband didn’t even want to take on the responsibility of sponsoring a child, so I asked my husband if he wanted to go over to the Compassion table and check it out. I didn’t want to pressure him or even suggest a particular child to him. I wanted to see what he thought without my interference.

When we walked over to the table filled with probably 30 to 40 children’s pictures, my husband picked up only one picture and said “what about this child?” The picture was Matt’s!!! I couldn’t believe it. We both chose Matt on our own. The choice was easy. We knew Matt was the child we should sponsor. We still continue to sponsor and pray for Matt and his family. For some reason, we were both drawn or perhaps guided to Matt that day.

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We Have a Giveaway Winner

To celebrate the God Moment series, I had a giveaway. The Giveaway is now over, and we have a winner! Congrats to one of our subscribers, Lauren! She won the Gratitude: A Prayer and Praise Coloring Journal.

This is such a fun Journal! You can use this journal to write down you prayers, questions, thoughts, and God moments. After you write in the journal, take the time to slow down and mindfully pray and think about what you wrote. In fact, after writing in your journal you can take more time to pray WHILE coloring in your journal. Use the coloring time as a way to slow down and  mindfully be with God.


Journaling has become a way for me to pray, think, and learn. Also, I  journal whenever I experience a God Moment. I try to write down that experience before I forget. In fact, I found this particular blog story in my journal.  If I had never written this story down, I may not have even remembered this moment. If I had not written this story down, I may have never been able to share this story with others. In case you are searching for a cute and inspirational prayer journal, I have provided links to several prayer journals.

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6 thoughts on “God Moments: Choosing the Same Picture!”

  1. I had a very similar experience with my husband a few years ago, and it was the closest I have ever felt to God. Knowing that God was working in my heart and my husband’s at the very same time is powerful! Thank you for sharing this story!

    1. Oh I would love to know more! I love the way you phrased this experience. Yes, “knowing that God was working in my heart and my husband’s at the very same time is powerful!” Indeed!

    1. I love stories like these too for the very same reason- reassurance and a reminder that God IS with us! Thank you for sharing!

  2. What a beautiful example of God’s hand at work! I love stories like these of Him making Himself present in our daily lives. Matt will be a blessed little boy with the two of you sponsoring him.

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