How to Reduce the Fat and Calories in Foods You Already Eat

Can You Eat the Same Foods You Love and Still Lose Weight?

Well, yes and no. Substituting foods in recipes can greatly reduce calories. For example, 1 cup of regular mac-n-cheese has about 540 calories. If you substitute the following: skim milk for whole milk, light cream cheese for full-fat cheddar cheese, and add more vegetables like broccoli, then you can reduce 1 cup of mac-n-cheese from 540 to 315. Another example would be a can of Tuna in water instead of oil saves you around 80 calories. Check out other ways you can reduce the calories in your everyday recipes below.

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  1. Instead of Pizza, eat Pizza on pita with less cheese and more veggies.
  2. Instead of Sugar use less sugar.
  3. Instead of Potato chips,  eat nuts, “Baked Lays,” veggie straws, pretzels,  or low fat popcorn.
  4. Instead of Whole milk, use skim milk.
  5.  Instead of Toast with margarine, eat Toast with jam.
  6. Instead of Fried eggs, eat Cereal, egg whites, or egg substitute.
  7. Instead of Coffee with half and half, drink Coffee with light creamer.
  8. Instead of Regular margarine, use Low fat margarine.
  9. Instead of potatoes with sour cream, eat Potatoes with low fat sour cream or salsa.
  10. Instead of Ice cream, eat Yogurt.
  11. Instead of Fried chicken breast, eat Grilled, roasted, or baked chicken breast.
  12. Instead of Doughnuts for a snack, eat Fruit or vegetable for a snack.
  13. Instead of Bologna sandwich, eat Lean turkey sandwich.
  14. Instead of Regular cheese, eat Low fat cheese.
  15. Instead of Fried fish, eat Baked fish.
  16. Instead of Homemade gravy Gravy from a mix, just add water
  17. Instead of Green beans with bacon, eat green beans with nonfat broth, or a dash or lemon juice, pepper, and garlic powder.
  18. Instead of Salad with dressing, use Salad with low fat dressing.
  19. Instead of 1/2 cup butter or oil, use 1/4 cup applesauce and 1/4 cup butter or oil (great in sweets or dessert recipes).
  20. Instead of a Sandwich made with 1 tbsp mayo, eat a Sandwich made with 1/2 tsp mayo or light mayo.
  21. Instead of sour cream, use Low fat yogurt or light sour cream.
  22. Instead of Pastry pie crust, use Graham crust or phyllo crust.
  23. Instead of Pound cake, eat Angel food cake.
  24. Instead of pie filling, use low fat pudding.
  25. Instead of Fudge sauce, use Chocolate syrup.
  26. Instead of Light cream, use Equal amounts of 1% milk and evaporated skim milk.
  27. Instead of 1 oz baking chocolate, use 3 tablespoons cocoa and 2 tablespoon vegetable oil.
  28. Instead of Nuts, Reduce the amount of nuts and toast the nuts to enhance the flavor.
  29. Instead of Whipped cream, use Light cool whip or dream whip made with skim milk.
  30. Instead of Whole eggs, use Egg whites or egg substitute.
  31. Instead of using Butter or oil to cook in skillet or flavor foods, use Margarine spray.

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  32. Instead of Meat in casseroles, add Beans.
  33. Instead of dipping your foods in ranch or other condiments and sauces, limit or avoid them all together.
  34. Instead of Cream or oil based sauces, use Red/tomato based sauces.
  35. Instead of Cakes and pastry deserts, use Fruit with low fat pudding/ yogurt
  36. Instead of Regular pasta noodles, use Whole-wheat pasta noodles.
  37. Instead of Tuna or chicken salad made with mayo, eat Tuna or chicken salad made with mustard.
  38. Instead of Fried tortillas, eat Baked tortillas.
  39. Instead of Ground Beef , use Ground Turkey or low fat ground beef.
  40. Instead of Flour Tortillas, use Corn Tortillas.
  41. Instead of Tuna in oil, use Tuna in water.

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